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project☆ciel Idol Contest!

If this sort of thing is frowned upon here, please let me know and I'll delete my post.

So, you think you're an idol?
Then project☆ciel wants YOU!

project☆ciel aims to become an internet supergroup with personality and talent! We don't care if you're already in a group or not, you can still audition!

To obtain this goal, we plan to host an idol contest. You can send us a clip of your singing, and if you're one of the first 25 we'll give you purely constructive criticsm, and let you send us a post-evaluation clip that we will evaluate to determine if you "make the cut." After the first 25, we will stop giving criticism and just take auditions as-is. The entire thing is for fun, and we are not out to hurt anyone's feelings.

If you do make the cut, you'll go on to the next round. We'll continue to have rounds where anyone can vote for contestants until eventually, we have all our required spots filled, at which time regular group activities will begin!

Since we're looking to fill anywhere between 25 to approximately 50 spots for the group and its subgroups, please audition if you can! It almost doesn't make sense not to!! Also, we will be primarily covering Hello! Project and BoA songs, and other Jpop artists only on occasion.

Contest Requirements are as follows:
All files should be recorded at 441000 Hz in either .mp3 or .wav format.
Preliminary auditions will end at midnight on April 5th, Central Time.

* One clip of you singing any Japanese song. We'd like the clip to be at least one minute long. Please make sure your voice is audible!

* One clip, spoken, of you introducing yourself.
Please include:
♥ Your name (or what you'd like to be called)
♥ Your age
♥ Your favorite Jpop artist and why they're your favorite
♥ Three random facts about you

You can email your entry with subject [Project Ciel Audition: Yourname] to

Voting and results will be taking place at our forum. If you have any questions, please feel free to email us at with [Question] as the subject.

We look forward to all entries, so everyone do your best!!♥
--project☆ciel Staff
(matchan & veehime)

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